Interactive Solutions log handler

1.0.0 2019-03-12 12:20 UTC


Utility library to log exception (with stacktrace) and requests/response details to configured adapters.

Request duration

The duration will be part of the data sent to each adapter if the constant START_TIME is defined. If you wish to log the duration you should define('START_TIME', microtime(true)) before the application is bootstrapped.


All adapters must implement the AdapterInterface, the only provided adapter built into this library is ElasticsearchAdapter which logs data to elasticsearch.



Handles general configuration of this library.

Example config below:

LogHandlerOptions::class => [
    'environment'     => 'dev',
    'debug'           => true,
    'adapters'        => [
    'alwaysLogRoutes' => [],
  • environment is a string that will be added to the data array being logged, useful for easy filtering if logs contains data from several environments
  • debug if set to true will log each incoming request and its corresponding response, if set to false it will disable logging of requests/responses
  • adapters list of adapters implementing the AdapterInterface, each adapter's write method with all data to be logged
  • alwaysLogRoutes list of route names whose request and corresponding response that should always be logged (event if debug is set to false)


Handles configuration for the ElasticsearchAdapter.

Example config below:

ElasticsearchOptions::class => [
    'host'     => 'localhost,
    'port'     => <port>,
    'username' => '',
    'password' => '',
    'prefix'   => 'project-name',
  • host the elasticsearch host
  • port port of the elasticsearch host
  • username username to log onto elasticsearch
  • password password to log onto elasticsearch
  • prefix the prefix of the index in elasticsearch where data should be logged