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Installation with Composer (Recommended)

$ composer create-project insanitymeetshh/typo3-skeleton [my-app-name]

Installation with Docker

  • Get skeleton via $ git clone or zip download
  • Open a command prompt on your OS (if not already open) and navigate to the project folder
  • $ docker pull composer
  • $ docker run --rm --env docker=true --interactive --tty --volume $PWD:/app composer update
  • $ docker-compose build
  • $ docker-compose up -d
  • $ docker inspect typo3-8-db | grep IPAddress and set IP address at the install process.
  • Open localhost:8080 for website or localhost:9999 for database gui
  • If you want to remove a container $ docker rm [container-name] -f e.g. $ docker rm typo3-8-db -f
  • If you want to remove a volume $ docker volume rm [volume-name] e.g. $ docker volume rm imhh-typo3_db_data (first remove matching container)
  • If you want to remove all container $ docker rm $(docker ps -a -q) -f
  • If you want to remove all volumes $ docker volume prune (first remove all container)

This skeleton is under development