File Sharing - InsanityMeetsHH

3.8.0 2020-10-17 17:08 UTC


This git is for Take a look at screenshots.

This application based on InsanityMeetsHH/Slim-Skeleton and InsanityMeetsHH/gulp-skeleton.


Installation with Composer (Recommended)

$ php composer.phar create-project insanitymeetshh/file-sharing [app-name]
$ cd [app-name]
$ npm i
$ gulp build

Project Commands

gulp watch files and start BrowserSync
gulp build executes following tasks: cleanUp, favicon, font, img, js, jsLint, json, scss, scssLint, svg
gulp lintAll executes following tasks: jsLint, scssLint
gulp cleanUp clean up public folder
gulp favicon generate favicons
gulp font copy font files
gulp img copy and compress images
gulp js uglify, minify and concat js files
gulp jsLint checks js follows lint rules
gulp json copy and minify json files
gulp scss compile, minify and concat scss files
gulp scssLint checks scss follows lint rules
gulp svg copy and compress svg files
gulp watch watch scss, js, json, img, font and svg files

Installation with Docker

This steps works with Windows, macOS and Linux.

  • Get project via $ git clone or zip download
  • Open a command prompt on your OS (if not already open) and navigate to the project folder
  • $ npm i
  • $ gulp build
  • Add "platform": {"php": "7.4.2"} to "config" in composer.json
  • $ cp config\additional-settings.dist.php config\additional-settings.php
  • Download composer.phar if not already done
  • $ php composer.phar install
  • $ docker-compose build
  • $ docker-compose up -d
  • $ docker inspect file-sharing-db search for IPAddress from DIRNAME_default (at the bottom) and set IP (e.g. often by me) as Doctrine host in config\additional-settings.php
  • Open localhost:3050 for website or localhost:9999 for database gui
  • Adminer login: user = root, pass = rootdockerpw, host = IP from IPAddress
  • If you want to remove a container $ docker rm [container-name] -f e.g. $ docker rm file-sharing-db -f
  • If you want to remove a volume $ docker volume rm [volume-name] e.g. $ docker volume rm DIRNAME_db_data (first remove matching container)
  • If you want to remove all container $ docker rm file-sharing-db file-sharing-webserver file-sharing-adminer -f
  • If you want to remove all volumes $ docker volume prune (first remove all container)