Common basic configuration for a WordPress site using Composer and WPStarter

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dev-master 2020-10-16 15:46 UTC

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Last update: 2022-01-16 18:44:52 UTC


Bootstraping a new website application with WordPress based on WPStarter.


Fetching the boilerplate via composer to a new directory (my-website):

$ composer create-project inpsyde/wpstarter-boilerplate:dev-master my-website

You will get asked if you want to remove the existing git history. Answer with yes (Y) as you're about to start a new project.

That will give you the following directory structure:

 ├ public/
 | ├ wp/
 | ├ wp-content/
 | | ├ plugins/
 | | └ themes/
 | ├ index.php
 | └ wp-config.php
 ├ vendor/
 ├ .env.example
 ├ .gitignore
 ├ composer.json
 ├ composer.lock

Web server configuration

Configure your web server to use the directory public/ as document root (web root).

Steps to take

  • If using Apache web server, copy templates/.htaccess.example to public/.htaccess.
  • Copy templates/.env.example to .env and set the required database credentials and WP_HOME in the .env file.