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General information

Innomatic is an open source platform for building multi-tenant cloud applications developed by Innoteam Srl in PHP language.

It is suitable as an Internet/Intranet development and deployment system, featuring a powerful modular architecture and allowing very fast deployment and distribution of web based solutions.

Innomatic is not a framework like Symfony or similar.

It is a platform aimed at building, deploying, distributing and managing multi-tenant applications and quickly enabling them to multiple customers hosted in a single Innomatic installation.

It also contains a number of mini frameworks, like an MVC system to be used when building back office oriented applications. Over Innomatic you can also stack up other layered frameworks (e.g. a Content Management Framework and an e-Commerce platform using the CMF) and user-centric applications.


  • Web interface. The first standard Innomatic interface is the web desktop.

  • Web services interface. The container provides a powerful interface for XmlRpc web services calls.

  • Centralized tenants administration. Creation, editing and remotion of the tenants can be done through a single interface.

  • Centralized applications administration. Installation, update and remotion of the applications is done through a single interface.

  • Extensibility of container functions. Container functions can be extended through external applications and hooks.

  • Extreme modularity. The whole container is designed with modularity in mind.

  • Interaction between the applications. Every application can interact with the other applications, through API calls, hooks, web services and other. The container also provides dependencies support between applications.

  • Immediate installation and update of applications. To install an application in the container you only need to upload the application file through a applications administration page. The same applies for the update of already installed applications.

  • Install applications once - use many times. When installing an application, it can be enabled to all container sites without manually reinstalling it.

  • Easy installation and immediate update of the container. Since Innomatic is seen by itself as a deployable application, it has all of applications properties and can be updated like any other application with a single step.

  • Separation of code and presentation. Application interface is programmed with a dedicated library of functions; no HTML in code.

  • Override system. Applications can be customized without affecting other tenants and without changing the original application code with the override feature.

  • Use of open standards and technologies. Innomatic follows open standards like SQL, YAML, XML, XML-RPC and so on.

  • Open source license. Innomatic is licensed with the new BSD License.

  • Localization support. Innomatic supports country and language localization, both at container and applications level.

  • Context sensitive help. The system provides online help.

  • Database abstraction. The container provides an extensible database abstraction layer. Current available interfaces: PostgreSQL and MySQL.

  • Written in PHP language. Innomatic is written in PHP 5, a language born and specifically designed for the web.

  • Cross platform. Being written in PHP language, Innomatic can be installed in every operating system where PHP has been ported.


Innomatic is released under the new BSD license. See the file named LICENSE.


See the file named INSTALL for more details.


See the file named INSTALL.

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