Library to visualize project dependencies

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Tool to help visualize the various dependencies between packages.

It has been created to help maintain the many packages inside this organisation.


composer global require innmind/dependency-graph


dependency-graph from-lock

This command will look for a composer.lock in the working directory and generate a file named dependencies.svg.

dependency-graph of {vendor}/{package}

This will call to retrieve the last published version of the given package and generate a file named {vendor}_{package}_dependencies.svg.

dependency-graph depends-on {vendor}/{package} {vendor1} {vendorX}

This will look for all packages inside the vendors vendor1 and vendorX that depend (directly or indirectly) on {vendor}/{package} and will generate a file named {vendor}_{package}_dependents.svg.

Note: every package node and vendor cluster contains a link to their dedicated packagist page.


dependency-graph from-lock of this repository

dependency-graph of innmind/cli

dependency-graph depends-on innmind/cli innmind baptouuuu

dependency-graph vendor innmind