Handle colours strictly

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This library helps you build an object representation of a colour out of a string (all objects are immutable). You can easily extract any information out of the colors, transform their representation and modify the colours.

It supports these formats:

  • #39f
  • #39ff (last hexadecimal value for the alpha)
  • #3399ff
  • #3399ffff (last 2 hexadecimal values for the alpha)
  • rgb()
  • rgba()
  • hsl()
  • hsla()
  • device-cmyk()
  • literals (as defined by the W3C)


composer install innmind/colour


use Innmind\Colour\Colour;

$rgba = Colour::of('39f');
$hsla = Colour::of('hsl(210, 100%, 60%)');
$cmyka = Colour::of('device-cmyk(80%, 40%, 0%, 0%)');
$rgba = Colour::blue->toRGBA();

Each representation can be represented to the other two so you can always work with your preferred format.