Useful extensions to the kohana config system, including for loading deployment config from a JSON

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Config is a small set of classes that add useful functionality to the kohana config system. It includes a JSON config reader, and a config initialiser that wraps up the process of loading all config files to make it easier to reload config during build etc and reduce the size of your bootstrap.


Add config to your composer.json and run composer update to install it.

  "require": { "ingenerator/config": "0.1.*@dev" }

Basic Usage

In your bootstrap:

 * Enable the composer autoloader


To override the source control config (for example to allow for different database or service credentials in different environments) just drop a JSON file with the extra config at APPPATH.'/config/deployment_config_overrides.json'.

You can also provide simple user-overridable config by dropping a second JSON at APPPATH.'/config/user_config_overrides.json'.

Testing and developing

config has a full suite of PhpSpec specifications. You'll need a skeleton Kohana application to run them, you can use koharness to create one. See travis.yml for the build steps required. Contributions will only be accepted if they are accompanied by well structured specs. Installing with composer should get you everything you need to work on the project.


config is copyright 2014 inGenerator Ltd and released under the BSD license.