Skarabee module for Yii2

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The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.

Either run

php composer.phar require infoweb-internet-solutions/yii2-skarabee "*"

or add

"infoweb-internet-solutions/yii2-skarabee": "*"

to the require section of your composer.json file.


Once the extension is installed run this migration

yii migrate/up --migrationPath=@infoweb/skarabee/migrations

Enable the module in common\config\main.php as follows:

'modules' => [
    'skarabee' => [
        'class' => 'infoweb\skarabee\Module',

And configure the component in common\config\main.php:

'components' => [
    'skarabee' => [
    	'class' => 'infoweb\skarabee\components\Skarabee',
        'userName' => XXXXXX,
        'password' => XXXXXX

Import the translations and use category 'infoweb/skarabee':

yii i18n/import @infoweb/skarabee/messages

You can import real estates from Skarabee into your database from the command line with the following command:

yii skarabee/import


All available configuration options are listed below with their default values.

realEstateUrlPrefix (type: string, default: )

The value of this option will be used in the getUrl method of the infoweb\Skarabee\models\RealEstate model. It serves as the prefix in the url structure and is a translation key in the url i18n category.