Stream Wrapper: Include Interceptor. Allows to replace included (autoloaded) file with another one.

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Infection - Include Interceptor Stream Wrapper

It's a Stream Wrapper that wraps a file:// protocol and allows overriding content of any (auto) loaded file, including files autoloaded by Composer package manager.


composer require infection/include-interceptor

How it works

If you want to replace the content of the file whenever it's loaded (by executing include '/path/to/file.php, by calling file_get_contents('/path/to/file.php'), etc.), you need to register IncludeInterceptor before loading original file:

use Infection\StreamWrapper\IncludeInterceptor;

IncludeInterceptor::intercept('/path/to/original_file.php', '/path/to/replacement_file.php');

After enabling IncludeInterceptor, content of the replacement_file.php will be loaded instead of content of the original_file.php.

Use cases

  • This Stream Wrapper is used to replace the original file with the Mutant in Infection Mutation Testing Framework
  • The same approach is used in the dg/bypass-finals package that allows to mock final classes, by overriding original content and removing final keyword in runtime

Infection - Mutation Testing Framework

Please read documentation here:

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