Functions for discovering, consuming and verifying rel-me microformat

v0.1.0 2014-01-04 19:41 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-01-16 15:22:43 UTC


A set of PHP functions for discovering, consuming and verifying the rel-me microformat. This is mainly useful for implementing relmeauth.

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Install using composer with ./composer.phar require indieweb/rel-me:dev-master

Resolve and test a profile URL


// Register the composer autoloader (assumed in future code samples.)
require 'vendor/autoload.php';

// This is a profile URL a user has given you, or you have parsed from a page somewhere.
$givenProfileUrl = '';

list($resolvedProfileUrl, $isSecure, $redirectChain) = IndieWeb\relMeDocumentUrl($givenProfileUrl);

if ($isSecure) {
	// $resolvedProfileUrl is the final resolved profile URL derived from the given one.
} else {
	echo 'Your profile URL redirected insecurely (changed protocols)';
	// Here you might use the $redirectChain (list of URLs) to present a more useful error message.

Find all rel=me links on a page

// This should be derived and checked using relMeDocumentUrl().
$resolvedProfileUrl = '';

$relMeLinks = IndieWeb\relMeLinks($resolvedProfileUrl);

Test whether or not a backlinking rel=me URL can be securely considered to link

// A rel=me link from a silo profile page.
$inboundRelMeUrl = '';
// The derived profile document URL to test for matches of.
$meUrl = '';

list($matches, $secure, $redirectChain) = IndieWeb\backlinkingRelMeUrlMatches($inboundRelMeUrl, $meUrl);

if ($matches) {
	if ($secure) {
		echo "{$inboundRelMeUrl} is a secure, valid link to {$meUrl}";
	} else {
		echo "{$inboundRelMeUrl} isn’t a secure link to {$meUrl} because it redirects insecurely (changes protocols)";
		// Here you might use the $redirectChain (list of URLs) to present a more useful error message.
} else {
	echo "None of that silo backlink’s redirect chain match {$meUrl}";

Utility Functions

  • string $url = IndieWeb\unparseUrl(array $parsedUrl) takes the output of core parse_url() and makes it into a URL again
  • string $url = IndieWeb\normaliseUrl($url) normalises a URL by parsing, then unparsing it
  • list(string $body, array $headers, array $info) = IndieWeb\httpGet($url) performs a basic HTTP GET on a URL
  • string $nextUrl | null = IndieWeb\followOneRedirect($url) fetches a URL and returns the redirect URL if it’s a redirect, else null
  • bool $match = IndieWeb\urlsMatchOtherThanScheme($url1, $url2) compares two URLs and returns whether or not they are the same, ignoring differences in their scheme


Run the test suite with ./vendor/bin/phpunit

There’s also an experimental HTML+microformats test suite which can be run with ./tests/html-test-runner.php

Version History

0.1.0 2014-01-04

  • Initial extraction from, conversion into a composer package