Adds a content element for the end-to-end-video-content-management-system panopto

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3.0.2 2023-05-10 08:18 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-04-10 10:22:59 UTC


Provides a content element and the ability to add videos of the end-to-end-video-content-management-system panopto via "Add media by URL" in Text & Media elements.


Install the extension and add the template include "Panopto".

Content Element Options

You find a detailed description of each option for the panopto player here:


the cType for this extension is ce.panopto

Panopto id for testvideo: 2b69a50b-6733-4422-bd5a-af6a0183fea7

Panopto domain / path

there are typoscript constants for the panopto domain and path which can be easily overwritten.

plugin.tx_panopto {
    settings {
        domain =
        path = Panopto/Pages/


you can also add your own template path if you

tt_content.ce\.panopto {
  templateRootPaths {
    30 = EXT:yourExtension/Resources/Private/Templates/


  • TYPO3 10.4 or newer
  • PHP 7.2 or newer


Create Content Element wizard Fig. 1) Create Content Element wizard

Panopto Content Element Fig. 2) Panopto Content Element

Panopto File Reference Fig. 3) Panopto File Reference in a Text Media Content Element