Allows generating Sub-Admin be_user by groups which can handle access of other be_user by groups

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4.0.0 2020-11-06 13:58 UTC

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Last update: 2021-04-06 14:53:40 UTC


Allow editors with extended rights to set group rights for other editors. This is highly recommended for installations with a lot of backend users like on universities.


The TYPO3 extension goupdelegation provides the possibility to allow certain be-users to delegate certain be-groups to other be-users without having a TYPO3 admin account. This can be done using organisation units or not. That means e.g. you can determine that sub admin xx can only delegate groups to be-users of the organisation unit marketing.

For a detailed manual have a look at the Documentation folder.







  • Install this extension - e.g. via composer composer require in2code/groupdelegation
  • Make your global configuration in the extension manager settings
  • Configure the groups as you need (look at the documentation under for details)
  • Have fun!

Development Model

The main branch is the branch, which is / should be compatible with the latest TYPO3 major version. All development should happen here.

For each old TYPO3 version there is a version compatible branch, f.e. 8LTS. If enhancements and bugfixes should be available in older versions they must be cherry picked from the main branch.

Version numbers

EXT:groupdelegation follows the semantic versioning.

V8 compatible releases are tagged with 3.x.y. V10 compatible releases are tagged with 4.y.x. |

Support or help

  • Do you want to contribute? Just do a pull request on github
  • Do you need help? Just contact Marcus at