Context-aware implementation of explode().

1.0.0 2014-05-14 09:56 UTC


Buffer is a context-aware implementation of explode(), the string function from PHP.


Open up your terminal, cd to your project directory and type:

# run this command if you have Composer installed globally on your machine
composer require "ilya/buffer:~1"

# or run this command if you have it installed locally
php composer.phar require "ilya/buffer:~1"

Press Enter and give Composer just a second to install the package as your project's dependency.

How to use this thing

Let's get started by creating an instance of Buffer:

$buffer = new Buffer\Buffer('foo:"bar:baz":wow');

Now, tell Buffer that the " character has a special meaning:


Finally, split the string you've passed to the constructor by ::

$buffer->explode(':'); // => ['foo', 'bar:baz', 'wow']

Alright, that's basically it.


Buffer is licensed under the MIT license.