Github Api Public Events to PHP Objects Mapper

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Github Api Public Events to PHP Objects

Transforms the Github API Public Events into PHP Objects


Require the library in your composer.json

composer require ikwattro/github-event


Building the EventHandler

The application need to be built through the factory constructor, currently there is no need for such factory design but it aims to be extensible for future usages.

use Ikwattro\GithubEvent\EventHandler;

$eventHandler = EventHandler::create()

Passing events

The mainpoint of the library is the handleEvent method that takes the GithubEvent as argument in an array format (json_decoded).

Once passed, you'll receive in return the corresponding PHP Object instance corresponding to the event.

$events = json_decode('events.json', true);

foreach ($events as $e) {
    $event = $eventHandler->handleEvent($e);

Working with Events

An event object may contain more than the current event, for e.g., a CreateEvent will contain the payload of the event, but also the associated Repository object, RepositoryOwner, ... .

Please refer to the source code for discovering what is inside each event.

Currently supported events

  • WatchEvent
  • IssuesEvent
  • IssueCommentEvent
  • CreateEvent
  • PushEvent
  • ForkEvent
  • PullRequestEvent


The library is licensed under the MIT License


Christophe Willemsen Twitter: @ikwattro