Display time of last login, join date and a members's GUID and data directory path. The visibility of time of last login and join date can be set to none, admin only or everyone. Visibility of member's GUID and data directory path is either none or admin only.

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2.3.6 2018-10-03 17:06 UTC

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Last update: 2020-06-11 20:19:44 UTC


Latest Version: 2.3.6
Released: 2018-09-16
Contact: iionly@gmx.de
License: GNU General Public License version 2
Copyright: (c) iionly 2012 (for Elgg 1.8 onwards), (c) Fabrice Collette 2009


The Lastlogin plugin will display the time of last login (more precisely: time of last action), the join date and user's GUID and path to data directory on the members' profile pages. The last login time shown will be either "online", "within last hour", "today" or the date in YYYY/MM/DD format.

The items to be displayed on profile pages can be configured: for time of last login and join date the visibility can be set either to "no", "admin only" or "everybody" (separately for both items). For users' GUIDs and path to data directory only the options "no" or "admin only" are available.


  1. If you have any previous version of the Lastlogin plugin installed, remove the lastlogin folder from the mod directory before copying/extracting the new version on your server,
  2. Copy the lastlogin folder in the mod directory of your Elgg installation,
  3. Enable the plugin in the admin section and configure the lastlogin plugin settings.