Asynchronous streams for Icicle.

v0.5.5 2016-02-21 19:16 UTC


This library is a component for Icicle, providing an asynchronous readable, writable, and seekable stream interfaces and a couple basic stream implementations. Like other Icicle components, this library uses Coroutines built from Awaitables and Generators to make writing asynchronous code more like writing synchronous code.

Build Status Coverage Status Semantic Version MIT License @icicleio on Twitter

Documentation and Support

  • PHP 5.5+ for v0.5.x branch (current stable) and v1.x branch (mirrors current stable)
  • PHP 7 for v2.0 (master) branch supporting generator delegation and return expressions

The recommended way to install is with the Composer package manager. (See the Composer installation guide for information on installing and using Composer.)

Run the following command to use this library in your project:

composer require icicleio/stream

You can also manually edit composer.json to add this library as a project requirement.

// composer.json
    "require": {
        "icicleio/stream": "^0.5"