Binds icanboogie/routing to ICanBoogie.

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The icanboogie/bind-routing package binds icanboogie/routing to ICanBoogie.

The package adds the getter routes to the Application instance, a url_for() method that creates URLs, and a synthesizer for the routes configuration fragments.


namespace ICanBoogie;

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

$app = boot();

# Get routes configuration

$config = $app->configs['routes'];

# Get the route collection and add a new route

use ICanBoogie\HTTP\Request;
use ICanBoogie\Routing\RouteDefinition;

$app->routes->get('/hello', function(Request $request) {

	$who = $request['name'] ?: 'world';

	return "Hello $who!";

}, [ RouteDefinition::ID => 'hello' ]);

# Obtain de URL of an article

echo $app->url_for('articles:show', $app->models['articles']->one);

Defining routes using configuration fragments

The most efficient way to define routes is through routes configuration fragments, because it doesn't require application logic (additional code) and the synthesized configuration may be cached.

The following example demonstrates how to define routes, resource routes. The pattern of the articles:show route is overridden to use year, month and slug.


// config/routes.php

namespace App;

use ICanBoogie\Routing\RouteDefinition;
use ICanBoogie\Routing\RouteMaker as Make;

return [

	'home' => [

		RouteDefinition::PATTERN => '/',
		RouteDefinition::CONTROLLER => PagesController::class,
		RouteDefinition::ACTION => Make::ACTION_INDEX


] + array_replace_recursive(Make::resource('articles', ArticlesController::class), [

	'articles:show' => [

		RouteDefinition::PATTERN => '/articles/:year-:month-:slug.html'



The following code demonstrates how the synthesized routes configuration can be obtained:


$routes_config = $app->configs['routes'];

Note: To make it easy for you to find where routes are defined, the pathname to the configuration fragment is set as __ORIGIN__ in the route definition.

Before the configuration is synthesized

The routing.synthesize_routes:before event of class BeforeSynthesizeRoutesEvent is fired before the configuration is synthesized. Event hooks may use this event to alter the configuration fragments before they are synthesized.

The following example demonstrates how the routing.synthesize_routes:before event can be used to alter the patterns of the route definitions before they synthesized:


use ICanBoogie\Binding\Routing\BeforeSynthesizeRoutesEvent;
use ICanBoogie\Routing\RouteDefinition;

$app->events->attach('routing.synthesize_routes:before', function(BeforeSynthesizeRoutesEvent $event) {

	foreach ($event->fragments as &$fragment)
		foreach ($fragment as &$definition)
			$definition[RouteDefinition::PATTERN] = '/en' . $definition[RouteDefinition::PATTERN];


The configuration is synthesized

The routing.synthesize_routes event of class SynthesizeRoutesEvent is fired when the configuration is synthesized. Event hooks may use this event to alter the synthesized configuration before it is returned by the synthesizer.


The package requires PHP 7.2 or later.


composer require icanboogie/bind-routing


The package is documented as part of the ICanBoogie framework documentation. You can generate the documentation for the package and its dependencies with the make doc command. The documentation is generated in the build/docs directory. ApiGen is required. The directory can later be cleaned with the make clean command.


Run make test-container to create and log into the test container, then run make test to run the test suite. Alternatively, run make test-coverage to run the test suite with test coverage. Open build/coverage/index.html to see the breakdown of the code coverage.


icanboogie/bind-routing is released under the New BSD License.