Starter project for your application built with ICanBoogie

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ICanBoogie is a high-performance micro-framework. It is written with speed, flexibility and lightness in mind. ICanBoogie doesn't try to be an all-in-one do-it-all solution but provides the essential features to quickly and easily build web applications. It is easily extensible, and a variety of packages are available to complement its features with rendering, views, routing, operations, internationalization, translation, ORM, facets, mailer


This is a starter project for your application built with ICanBoogie.

Execute the following command to install it:

$ composer create-project icanboogie/app-hello hello -s dev

Then run the application with the following command:

$ cd hello
$ make run


ICanBoogie is open-sourced software licensed under the BSD-3-Clause.