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All Iranian payment gateways handler for laravel applications

v2.0.0 2017-05-01 13:06 UTC

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Last update: 2021-09-20 04:37:02 UTC


All Iranian payment gateways handler


1.Installing Via composer

composer require keraken/epayment:"dev-master"

2.Add this to your app service providers :


3.Add this to your aliases :

'Epayment' => Tartan\Epayment\Facades\Epayment::class,

4.Publish the package assets and configs

php artisan vendor:publish
  1. Preparing your db (eloquent) model for epayment integration

    • Your Transaction/Invoice (Eloquent) model MUST implement
namespace App\Model;

use Tartan\Epayment\Transaction;

class Transaction extends Model implements TransactionInterface
	public function setReferenceId($referenceId, $save = true){}

	public function checkForRequestToken(){}

	public function checkForVerify(){}

	public function checkForInquiry(){}

	public function checkForReverse(){}

	public function checkForAfterVerify(){}

	public function setCardNumber($cardNumber){}

	public function setVerified(){}

	public function setAfterVerified(){}

	public function setSuccessful($flag){}

	public function setReversed(){}

	public function getAmount(){}

	public function setPaidAt($time = 'now'){}

	public function setExtra($key, $value, $save = false){}