User interface for ArckInteractive's Roles

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1.0.2 2014-04-27 13:48 UTC


Admin interface for managing roles. This is an add-on for ArckInteractive's Roles framework: https://github.com/arckinteractive/Roles


  • User-friendly interface for creating roles and managing role permissions
  • Autocomplete inputs for registered actions, events, hooks, menus and views
  • For you reference, the configuration array for each role is displayed on the permissions - you can copy paste those into another roles config hook


  • Once enabled, configuration arrays for roles (defined in other plugins) will be completely ignored.
  • The plugin uses autocomplete inputs, which accept custom values. This allows to define custom rules for items that could not be identified from configured hook and event handlers
  • Due to the complexity of the Elgg menu API, not all menu items will be available in the autocomplete. Feel free to add custom values
  • Extend rules for menus can not be configured using this plugin

Installing with Composer

roles_ui can be included in your Elgg project by require from the project's root composer.json.

Support for composer in Elgg is an experimental feature pioneered by @Srokap.

Provisional config to include roles_ui into your project:

    "require": {
        "hypejunction/roles-ui" : "@stable"


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