2.1.5 2017-05-08 18:11 UTC


Elgg 2.3


  • Search, upload and embed files on the spot
  • Search and embed all other registered object types on the spot
  • Embed URL previews and rich-media players


  • Upgrade for Elgg 2.3 has been sponsored by ApostleTree, LLC

Embed Popup Editor Player


The plugin supports embed and player shorcodes.

By default, the following attributes are supported in embed shortcode:

  • guid - GUID of an entity to embed

By default, the following attributes are supported in player shortcode:

  • url - URL of the player

All other attributes will be parsed and passed to the view after sanitization.

Example shortcodes:

[embed guid="555"]
[player url="http://youtube.com/893dkeie9"]

By default, only shortcodes passed to output/longtext view will be expanded automatically. You can manually expand shortcodes using hypeapps_expand_embed_shortcodes($text).

You can strip shortcodes (e.g. when displaying a summary), using hypeapps_strip_embed_shortcodes($text).

Static assets

If you are using the same images across multiple posts, you may way to use static assets, as they allow you to take advantage of simplecache, thus offering better performance than file entities.

Create a folder in your dataroot /embed/ and place your image files in there, flush the caches, and you will see your images in the Assets tab of the embed lightbox window.