DB explorer tool for Elgg

3.3.0 2015-08-24 17:04 UTC

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Last update: 2021-12-29 02:09:25 UTC


Database explorer tool for Elgg. hypeDBExplorer collects Elgg entity information spread across multiple tables, and presents it in a human-readable format.


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Install with composer:

	"require": {
		"hypejunction/hypedbexplorer": "3.1.*"

Install bower dependencies:

	bower install


  • jqGrid integration with real-time pagination and search
  • Multi-column filtering
  • Bulk user management (validate, ban, unban, disable, enable, delete)
  • Bulk content management (disable, enable, delete)
  • elgg_entities table joined with object, user, group, site attributes
  • elgg_metadata table joined with metastring values
  • Subgrid: owned entities
  • Subgrid: contained entities
  • Subgrid: river items
  • Subgrid: entity attributes table
  • Subgrid: access collections ownership and membership
  • Subgrid: entity metadata and metadata ownership
  • Subgrid: entity annotations and annotations ownership
  • Subgrid: private settings
  • Subgrid: entity relationships
  • Popup grid view on any entity guid
  • Multiple popups with highlighting

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