Categories for Elgg

4.2.0 2015-09-22 07:51 UTC

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Last update: 2021-12-29 02:05:52 UTC


Categories and taxonomy for Elgg


  • Support for site-wide and internal group categories
  • User-friendly UI for adding and managing categories
  • Support for category icons


  • If you are working with a large taxonomy, you will most likely need to update your PHP runtime configuration. If, when managing categories, you loose entries or hierarchies, increase the value of max_input_vars http://www.php.net/manual/en/info.configuration.php


Adding category input

To add a category input to your form, add the following code:

$input = elgg_view('input/category', array(
	'name_override' => 'my_categories', // do not include, unless you are attaching some custom event hooks to process user input
	'multiple' => true, // specifies whether users should have an option to select multiple categories
	'entity' => $entity, // an entity, which is being edited (will be used to obtain currently selected categories, unless 'value' parameter is present)
	'value' => array(), // an array of category GUIDs to be selected by default

By default, the plugin will listen to 'create','all' and 'update','all' events and create a filed_in relationship with selected categories (and all parent categories).

To display entity categories, use:

$output = elgg_view('output/category', array(
	'entity' => $entity // Entity for which the categories should be displayed

Custom category subtypes

To add custom category subtypes to the workflow globally, update 'taxonomy_tree_subtypes' config value.

For example, you may want to have multiple taxonomies for categorizing content by topic, by context etc. The easiest way to achieve that, is by using different category subtypes, e.g. topic, cluster, grouping etc, or blog_categories, bookmark_categories etc.

Context-based filtering of category subtypes can be achieved via 'get_subtypes', 'framework:categories' hook.


You can internationalize category names by adding translations to your language files. Translations should be namespaced with "category:$category_title".


The master branch has been switched to Elgg 1.9.+ development. Legacy 1.8 code is in elgg1.8 branch.

Upgrading to 3.1

The focus of 3.1 is to improve performance. There are several changes that should not but may affect your install:

  1. Subcategory querying no longer uses LEFT JOIN for retrieving 'priority' metadata. If you are missing categories from your list, run a batch query and set priority on all your categories to 0 (this will place them at the end of the list)


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