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Laravel mandrill interface oriented towards send templates. Because Laravel does not support that out of the box

dev-master 2015-07-16 14:12 UTC

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Last update: 2021-11-27 02:32:05 UTC


Install it with

composer require "hydrarulz/laravel-mandrill-interface:dev-master"

Add the service provider at the end of the providers array in file config/app.php:


The service provider will register an interface, but you should also register the alias at the end of the aliases array:

'LaravelMandrillInterface' => 'Hydrarulz\LaravelMandrillInterface\Facades\LaravelMandrillInterface',

Then the you should publish the config file with php artisan vendor:publish This creates your config file /config/laravel-mandrill-interface.php that looks like this:


return [
    'token' => env('MANDRILL_TOKEN')
    , 'pretend' => env('MAIL_PRETEND')

Add your Mandrill token to the .env file and set the pretend value true of false.

# Mandrill setup

After this you can start using it in your application

$message = [
    'to' => [
            'email' => 'example@server.com',
            'name' => 'Daniel Luca',
            'type' => 'to'
    , 'global_merge_vars' => [
            'name' => 'VARIABLE_ID'
            , 'content' => '1234'

$mandrill_interface = LaravelMandrillInterface::getInstance();
    , []
    , $message
    , true

Or event the send method.