SilverStripe addressable and geocoding module

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The Addressable module adds address fields to an object, and also has support for automatic geocoding.

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  • SilverStripe 3.0+


Quick Usage Overview

In order to add simple address fields (address, suburb, city, postcode and country) to an object, simply apply to Addressable extension:

Object::add_extension('Object', 'Addressable');

In order to then render the full address into a template, you can use either $FullAddress to return a simple string, or $FullAddressHTML to render the address into a HTML <address> tag.

You can define a global set of allowed states or countries using Addressable::set_allowed_states() and ::set_allowed_countries() respectively. These can also be set per-instance using setAllowedStates() and setAllowedCountries().

If a single string is provided as a value, then this will be set as the field for all new objects and the user will not be presented with an input field. If the value is an array, the user will be presented with a dropdown field.

To add automatic geocoding to an Addressable object when the address is changed, simple apply the Geocodable extension:

Object::add_extension('Object', 'Geocodable');

This will then use the Google Maps API to translate the address into a latitude and longitude on save, and save it into the Lat and Lng fields.