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An on-demand image generation replacement for WordPress image resizing.

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This project is unmaintained.

WP Thumb
An on-demand image generation replacement for WordPress' image resizing.
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WP Thumb is a simple but powerful plugin that seamlessly intergrates with the Core WordPress image handling. You specify height, width and crop values and an image will be generated and cached for future use.

  • Automatic dynamic images resizing, cropping and caching.
  • Ideal for when you want to change the dimensions of default image sizes.
  • Can extend using filters to make use of any of the phpThumb Library functions by manipulating the image object.
  • Integrate with Imgix & S3 via the WP Thumb Bridge


Just install like any other WordPress plugin.


WP Thumb is licensed under the GPLv2 or later.


Created by Human Made for high volume and large-scale sites, such as Happytables. We run WP Thumb on sites with millions of monthly page views, thousands of sites and terabytes of images.

Written and maintained by Joe Hoyle. Thanks to all our contributors.

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