PHP framework for web sites and applications.

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Hulotte is a PHP framework for web sites and applications.


The easiest way to install Hulotte is to use Composer with this command :

$ composer require hulotte/hulotte

This will install Hulotte and all required dependencies.

Start project

When Hulotte has been installed via Composer, you can initialize a project with this command line

$ ./vendor/bin/hulotte init

This command will install basics files and folders. It also install App module and a database.


If you need a database for your project, you can easy create it with this command line

$ ./vendor/bin/hulotte database:create yourDatabaseName

If your project is initialized (with a public/index.php file) and if the name of the database is written to a config file like this :

'' => 'yourDatabaseName',

You can simply run the command without specifying the name of the database

$ ./vendor/bin/hulotte database:create

You can create your own command. For that your class must inherit from Symfony\Component\Console\Command\Command and be declared in the config file of your module like this:

'commands' => DI\add([YourClass::class]),


The Hulotte framework is licensed under the MIT license. See License File for more information.