Laravel wrapper for zendesk/zendesk_api_client_php package

v3.7 2022-02-07 12:03 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2023-03-07 14:34:23 UTC


This package provides integration with the Zendesk API. It supports creating tickets, retrieving and updating tickets, deleting tickets, etc.

The package simply provides a Zendesk facade that acts as a wrapper to the zendesk/zendesk_api_client_php package.

NB: Currently only supports token-based authentication.


You can install this package via Composer using:

composer require huddledigital/zendesk-laravel

You must also install the service provider.

Laravel 5.5+ users: this step may be skipped, as the package supports auto discovery.

// config/app.php
'providers' => [

If you want to make use of the facade you must install it as well.

// config/app.php
'aliases' => [
    'Zendesk' => Huddle\Zendesk\Facades\Zendesk::class,


To publish the config file to app/config/zendesk-laravel.php run:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Huddle\Zendesk\Providers\ZendeskServiceProvider"

Set your configuration using environment variables, either in your .env file or on your server's control panel:


The subdomain part of your Zendesk organisation URL.

e.g. use huddledigital


The username for the authenticating account.


The API access token. You can create one at:

  • ZENDESK_DRIVER (Optional)

Set this to null or log to prevent calling the Zendesk API directly from your environment.



The Zendesk facade acts as a wrapper for an instance of the Zendesk\API\Client class. Any methods available on this class (documentation here) are available through the facade. for example:

// Get all tickets

// Create a new ticket
  'subject' => 'Subject',
  'comment' => [
      'body' => 'Ticket content.'
  'priority' => 'normal'

// Update multiple tickets
Zendesk::ticket([123, 456])->update([
  'status' => 'urgent'

// Delete a ticket

Dependency injection

If you'd prefer not to use the facade, you can skip adding the alias to config/app.php and instead inject Huddle\Zendesk\Services\ZendeskService into your class. You can then use all of the same methods on this object as you would on the facade.


use Huddle\Zendesk\Services\ZendeskService;

class MyClass {

    public function __construct(ZendeskService $zendesk_service) {
        $this->zendesk_service = $zendesk_service;

    public function addTicket() {
              'subject' => 'Subject',
              'comment' => [
                    'body' => 'Ticket content.'
              'priority' => 'normal'


This package is available under the MIT license.