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Provides a small object oriented api to generate imgix urls.

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composer.phar require hschulz/imgix-php-api



require_once './vendor/autoload.php';

use \hschulz\imgix\FocalPointCrop;
use \hschulz\imgix\UriBuilder;

/* Create a new builder with your own imgix domain */
$builder = new UriBuilder('https://your-domain.imgix.net');

/* Create and configure features */
$focalPoint = new FocalPointCrop();

/* Apply features to the query builder */

/* Create the uri to the requested image path */
$uri = $builder->getImageUri('/path/to/your/image.jpg');

echo $uri
$ https://your-domain.imgix.net/path/to/your/image.jpg?fp-x=0.7&fp-y=0.2&fp-z=1.2 

Running the tests

# Either use the phpunit with whatever parameters you prefer
./vendor/bin/phpunit --bootstrap=./vendor/autoload.php --whitelist=./src/ --testdox ./Tests/

# Or run the composer test script which is set to the above parameters
composer.phar test


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