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Pre-setted minimal Nette Framework project

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v2.2.3 2014-08-27 20:56 UTC


Sandbox is a pre-packaged and pre-configured Nette Framework application that you can use as the skeleton for your new applications. This is fork of Nette srigi-sandbox which is optionated fork of original nette-sandbox.

To get better starting point for my Nette Framework projects, I modified original sandbox to fit my style. Most notable differences are:

  • removed Adminer

    I use separate installation of Adminer as local virtualhost.

  • cleanup of uneeded files (web.config, print.css )

    Does anybody care about IIS webserver? Printing webpages?

  • removed App\Presenters, App\Model namespaces (everything is in App namespace)

    Since there is a subword Presenter in App\SomePresenter, I don't see any sense to have namespace for presenters. My UserPresenter will not definitely have name collision with my UserModel or UserForm since there is that subword Presenter, Model, Form in the name of my classes.

  • renamed HomepagePresenter to DefaultPresenter

    Default entry point in sandbox should have more general name.

  • more configuration directives by default

    Example of configuring of presenters.

  • more complete .gitignore file

  • lots of code cleanup

    Removed obvious comments from code, better use (namespace) conventions in code, moved CSS styles to .css files.

  • layout system using @wrapper.latte

    Using Nette's template-inheritance we can define layout for each presenter. There is nice example - DefaultPresenter use 2-columns layout, SignPresenter use 1-colum layout.

  • rewrite of signup form template to use fully manual rendering

    also moved this template to more suitable place

  • gulpjs dev-stack

    Stack for SASS stylesheets, two main processes - developement (with livereload) & build.

  • Flunorette database layer.

  • Bourbon mixin library and Neat grid framework.


The best way to install srigi-sandbox is by using Composer. If you don't have Composer yet, download it following the instructions. Then use command:

composer create-project srigi/nette-sandbox myapp
cd myapp

Make directories temp and log writable. Navigate your browser to the www directory and you will see a welcome page. PHP 5.4 allows you run php -S localhost:8888 -t www to start the web server and then visit http://localhost:8888 in your browser.

It is CRITICAL that whole app, log and temp directories are NOT accessible directly via a web browser! See security warning.


hexicz-sandbox use gulpjs as a minimal dev-stack to support you during development. To fully embrace advantages of dev-stack you must install needed tools & packages. Nodejs is main requirement. See installation instruction on how to install nodejs on your machine.

Then install dev-stack:

npm install -g gulp bower
npm install   (in root of your project)
bower install

Run devstack:


Now you can use livereload for automatic refresh of your browser when you change files of your project.

Your .js files will be automatically linted, you can see code-style errors on the console.

Build your project

gulp build

This command will optimize frontend parts of your project & create build directory with builded project.