Adds DB Backup to Contao 4

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v1.2 2020-07-24 09:59 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-04-05 15:13:04 UTC


Adds automated database backups and triggered database backups/imposts to contao 4.


composer require home/backupee-bundle


The bundle uses the initializeSystem hook to check when the last backup has been taken. When the last backup is older than 24 hours it will create a new backup. It will keep 30 backups, older will be deleted. The backup location is in /files/dbBackup, so it is possible to download them from the contao backend.

  • To force a new backup call /backup/now
  • To force a new backup and download call /backup/download
  • To import a mysql dump call /import/{fileName}