Define OpenGraph/twitter cards meta data in Contao

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2.0.0 2024-03-04 10:57 UTC


This extension provides support for social tags (Open Graph, Twitter Cards) for Contao CMS. It supports

  • pages
  • news
  • events
  • faqs


  • Contao ^4.13 || ^5.3
  • PHP ^8.1




The goal of this extension is to provide a framework for common social tags for every entity being presented as a web page in Contao. To achieve this goal it separates the generation of the social tags into data factories and extractors.

Data factories

This extension provides an abstraction for different social tags. They can be plugged in using the Hofff\Contao\SocialTags\Data\DataFactory interface which has to be tagged with the Hofff\Contao\SocialTags\DataFactory tag. The data factory is responsible to generate the social meta tags for a given object.


The extractors have to implement the interface Hofff\Contao\SocialTags\Data\Extractor and specifics child interfaces for the supported data factories, e.g. Hofff\Contao\SocialTags\Data\TwitterCards\TwitterCardsExtractor for twitter cards support or Hofff\Contao\SocialTags\Data\OpenGraph\OpenGraphExtractor for open graph support. Each extractor is tagged with the Hofff\Contao\SocialTags\Data\Extractor tag.