RateIt extension for the Contao Open Source CMS as contao 4 bundle

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0.4.4 2023-03-07 15:06 UTC


This package hofff/contao-rate-it is a fork of Contao extension Rate It, provided as cgoIT/contao-rate-it-bundle with following differences:


  • Disable ratings for types which should not be used
  • Migration command to migrate article ratings to page ratings
  • Custom position for page ratings and rateit_page_rating insert tag


  • Change namespaces of every class
  • Use microdata templates as default.
  • Do not use client ip to detect votes of the same user. Use session id instead.
  • The configured rating templates is used everywhere where ratings are used.
  • Use Font Awesome as rating_default template
  • The rating for each element is retained when the element gets deleted. Ratings can be deleted in the backend.


  • Drop export feature
  • Drop colorbox/mediabox rating
  • Drop non microdata templates
  • Drop support of heart ratings. Define your icons in a template
  • Drop gallery picture rating
  • Drop faq rating


  • At least Contao 4.6
  • AT least PHP 7.1
  • Integrated Font Awesome 5 (or a custom rating_* template)


You man want to configure the bundle using the application configuration (config/config.yml or app/config/config.yml) depending on your project. Right now you are only able to disable supported content types.

# Default configuration
        page:                 true
        article:              true
        news:                 true
        module:               true
        ce:                   true

If you use Contao just as a Symfony bundle (not a managed edition), don't forget to add the routing information to your routes.yaml:

# routes.yaml
    resource: '@HofffContaoRateItBundle/Resources/config/routing.xml'

How to

Migrate article ratings to page ratings

The migration command migrates all article ratings to the corresponding pages

  • Enables rating for pages with rated articles
  • Create rating items for pages if not exist
  • Reassign article ratings to the page
  • Deletes article rating items
  1. Backup your database!
  2. Run vendor/bin/contao-console hofff-rate-it:migrate