There is no license information available for the latest version (v1.3.2) of this package.

Static Gallery

v1.3.2 2014-12-21 15:35 UTC


SGallery stands for SimpleGallery or SpeedeGallery or SuperfastGallery or ... you get the idea.

curl -O http://get.hoborglabs.com/sgallery/sg.phar
chmod +x sg.phar
./sg.phar configure
./sg.phar install
./sg.phar update

Main Principles

Whole gallery is generated up-front using your folder with photos. And by whole gallery I mean HTML, JSON for frontend ajax calls, CSS, JS, and image thumbnails.
You can use it to generate your gallery on your PC and upload it to your web server.

You need PHP 5.3 (or higher) to run it from command line.

After installing and configuring all you need to do is run single command

./sg.phar update

and that's it!


Download Simple Gallery

curl -O http://get.hoborglabs.com/sgallery/sg.phar
chmod +x sg.phar


Clone repo

git clone git://github.com/hoborglabs/sgallery.git
cd sgallery

Install vendors

curl -s https://getcomposer.org/installer | php
php composer.phar update

If you want to update JS, you will have to run following command after putting your changes.

ant build.js
php src/sg.php install:assets

If you want to update CSS, you need to run the following command after changing CSS files

ant build.css
php src/sg.php install:assets


To configure or re-configure sgallery simply run ./sg.phar configure. You can also manualy edit 'sg.properties' and specify source folder with your images, and target folder for generating gallery assets and all other options.


Source folder with your photos.

source = '/Users/wojtek/Pictures/'


Target folder - usually public folder of your host

target = '/var/www/sgallery/public'


Skin name, being a folder name inside templates.

skin = hoborglabs



language = en

public files and folders mode

public.folderMode = 0755
public.fileMode = 0644


; Quality for generated thumbnails. 100 no compression, 0 full
; compression.
thumbnails.quality = 75

; Size for generated thumbnails
thumbnails.size = 230

; Max width or height of your source Image. Depending on your PHP
; memory limit settings. For 128M keep it around 4000.
thumbnails.sourceMaxSize = 4000

covers limits

covers.limit.2tile = 16
covers.limit.1tile = 8

Folder Structure

After running SG you will find following folders in your target folder.

├── albums
|   ├── your-album-01
|   └── ...
├── index.html
└── static
    ├── json
    ├── scripts
    ├── styles
    └── thumbnails