Simple dashboard system.

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It is really simple dashboard which allows you to display widgets from your local server and from external endpoints - it's all based on JSON.

You can write your widgets in PHP, or in any other language. You just have to expose http interface which accepts GET or POST request and returns JSON widget object.

Right now we have widgets for:

  • Jenkins/Hudson jobs statuses
  • Graphite graphs
  • Git/Github top N committers
  • XenServer VM statuses

More on Dashboard Home Page

Visit http://dashboard.hoborglabs.com/ for more details.

For more technical info visit: http://dashboard.hoborglabs.com/doc

For Developers

You need ant if, like me, you are a bit lazy. Then all you need is ant validate.dev test to get all dev dependencies and run unit tests.

To run dashboard locally for development purposes, simply do

make server

To run tests, simply run ant test

Dashboard Cache

Dashboard Cache is a small storage application that allows you to store your widget data. It's particularly useful when your want to store data from remote servers. You can, for instance, run a simple cron jab to send 10min average cpu/disk usage.

Project itself is small enough to be a part of Dashbaord project, there is however separate Kernel class for handling DashboardCache requests.

Cache: timestamp, widget id, numeric, json

widget: id, name, api_key

example api call

PUT /api/1/widget/1/data?key=WIDGET_SECREAT_KEY
GET /api/1/widget/1/data?key=WIDGET_SECREAT_KEY
GET /api/1/widget/1/data?from=-10min&to=now&key=WIDGET_SECREAT_KEY

time format: -?\d+(min|h|d|w|m|y) accept more complicated formats like midnight-1d, today

Data split:

Hot data - in memory
Warm data - normal storage
Cold data - archived

If you are using HoborgLabs Dashboard - let me know on wojtek at hoborglabs.com