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Deepl API extension for tanmuhittin/laravel-google-translate

dev-main 2022-03-16 17:26 UTC

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Last update: 2022-09-16 18:33:34 UTC


Deepl API extension for tanmuhittin/laravel-google-translate

This package not includes tanmuhittin/laravel-google-translate package as dependency.


It supposed to the main package is installed and configured properly.

Run composer install

composer require hlacos/deepl-api-translator

Configure DeeplApiTranslator alias

Add following Alias to config/app.php

'DeeplFreeApiTranslator' => Hlacos\DeeplApiTranslator\DeeplFreeApiTranslator::class 'DeeplProApiTranslator' => Hlacos\DeeplApiTranslator\DeeplProApiTranslator::class

Configure Laravel google translate

Set up the following keys in config/laravel_google_translate.php file:

  • custom_api_translator key to
    • 'DeeplFreeApiTranslator' or
    • 'DeeplProApiTranslator'
  • custom_api_translator_key