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The library is useful to generate code for invoices, quotes or any commercial transaction document.


Is to provide helpful interface to generate the needed code.


The recommended (and the best) way to install the library is by using composer:

composer require hippone/algerian-invoice-code-generator


The Hippone\InvoiceCode\CodeGenerator code is the main component of the library, it implements Hippone\InvoiceCode\CodeGeneratorInterface, this class has one dependency (for now) that implements Hippone\InvoiceCode\Model\IdentifiableProvider to be provided by the client, this dependency is the port to the persistence layer used by the client, an example of a simple implementation which uses PDO with SQLite would be:


namespace MyNamespace\Persistence\SQLite;

use DateTimeImmutable;
use Hippone\InvoiceCode\Model\CodeComponents;
use Hippone\InvoiceCode\Model\IdentifiableProvider;
use PDO;

class SQLiteIdentifiableProvider implements IdentifiableProvider
    private PDO $pdo;
    public function __construct(PDO $pdo)
        $this->pdo = $pdo;

    public function nextCode(DateTimeImmutable $year): CodeComponents
         $statement = $this->pdo->prepare('
                            SELECT COUNT(*) FROM invoices 
                            AS i 
                            WHERE strftime("%Y", i.created_at) = :currentYear
        $statement->bindValue(':currentYear', $year->format('Y'));
        $currentCount = $statement->fetchColumn();
        $sequentialNumber = $currentCount + 1;
        return CodeComponents::from($sequentialNumber, $year);

Once the Hippone\InvoiceCode\Model\IdentifiableProvider is implemented, the Hippone\InvoiceCode\CodeGenerator class can be instantiated and used like the following:

$codeGenerator = new CodeGenerator(new SQLiteIdentifiableProvider($pdo)); // assume PDO object is instantiated
$codeGenerator->generateForYear(DateTimeImmutable::createFromFormat('Y', '2021')); // replace 2021 by the desired value


MIT License.