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Easily create JS controllers for XHP elements, and XHP wrappers for React elements

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v1.0.1 2017-02-18 02:37 UTC

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Last update: 2024-04-13 13:57:26 UTC


XHP-JS is a combination of Hack and Javascript libraries allowing you to easily call Javascript functions or create Javascript classes that from XHP components, and to pass these classes or references to the DOM nodes to other Javascript code.

For convenience, an interface to construct React components is also included.

A short overview is available at https://code.facebook.com/posts/858739974205250


A full example is available at https://github.com/hhvm/xhp-js-example

Calling a Javascript function

xhp class JsCallExample extends HTML\element {
  use XHPHTMLHelpers;
  use XHPJSCall;

  protected function renderAsync(): Awaitable<x\node> {
      'First argument',
      // This passes the DOM node corresponding to the <div /> below
      'Third argument',

    return <div id={$this->getID()} />;

$xhp = <html><head /><body>
  <x_js_scope><JsCallExample /><x_js_scope>
echo await $xhp->toStringAsync();

Creating a Javascript Object

xhp class JSInstanceExample extends HTML\element {
  use XHPHTMLHelpers;
  use XHPJSCall;

  protected function renderAsync(): Awaitable<x\node> {
      // can pass through other arguments too

      // This passes the JS object created above

    return <div id={$this->getID()} />;

$xhp = <html><head /><body>
  <x_js_scope><JSInstanceExample /><x_js_scope>

Creating a React component

This functionality was based on an extremely old React version. The example has been removed.

Writing your JavaScript

We recommend writing your modules as CommonJS modules, and using Browserify.

Alternatively, you can create them as members of the window object.

XHP-JS looks for modules as members of the window object, and falls back to attempting to call 'require("ModuleName")' - this requires a require() function to be defined in the global scope.

For example:

$this->jsCall('MyModule', 'myMethod', 'argument');

This Hack code can be thought of as creating the following Javascript:

var module = window.MyModule ? window.MyModule : require('MyModule');

In turn, your JavaScript may look like:

var MyModule = {
  myMethod: function() {
    // ...

module.exports = MyModule; // if using CommonJS + Browserify
window.MyModule = MyModule; // if not


We recommend installing XHP-JS with Composer (for the Hack code) and npm + Browserify for the Javascript code. Alternatively, you can include xhpjs.js or xhpjs.min.js directly to declare an XHPJS object in the global scope.

See https://github.com/hhvm/xhp-js-example for a full example.


XHP-JS is MIT-licensed.