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Utilities to make working with async functions easier

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v2.4 2015-12-10 19:57 UTC

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Last update: 2022-01-22 03:24:15 UTC


Obsolete In HHVM 3.11+

These functions have been merged into HHVM, and we expected them to be included from 3.11.0 onwards.


  • add hhvm/asio-utilities to your composer.json


When awaiting multiple handles, it can be useful to isolate exceptions from each; ResultOrExceptionWrapper provides this:

// HH\Asio\wrap(T): Awaitable<ResultOrExceptionWrapper<T>>
$w = await wrap(some_async_function_that_may_throw());
if ($w->isSucceeded()) {
  $result = $w->getResult();
} else {
  $exception = $w->getException();

Mapping and Filtering Functions

HHVM 3.6 and above include HH\Asio\v() and HH\Asio\m() to make it easy to wait on multiple wait handles; it's fairly common to want to combine this with another option, such as mapping or filtering with an async function.

These functions are named according to their attributes:

First, how they take and return arguments according to types:

  • v - Vector
  • m - Map

Then, either one or two letters to indicate the operation:

  • f - filter
  • fk - filter with key
  • m - map
  • mk - map with keys

Finally, there is optionally a trailing 'w' to indicate that you want a result or exception wrapper. For 'fw' functions, the behavior is that:

  • if the filter function returns true, the wrapped element is returned
  • if the filter function returns false, the element is omitted
  • if the filter function throws an exception, the wrapped exception is returned

This is also available without a filter or mapping operation - vw() and mw().

Function List

All functions are in the HH\Asio namespace; v() and m() are built in to HHVM 3.6 and newer.

Name Returns Mapped Filtered with key Wrapped Callback
v() Vector<T>
vm() Vector<Tr> (Tv): Awaitable<Tr>
vmk() Vector<Tr> (Tk, Tv): Awaitable<Tr>
vf() Vector<Tv> (Tv): Awaitable<bool>
vfk() Vector<Tv> (Tk, Tv): Awaitable<bool>
vw() Vector<ResultOrExceptionWrapper<T>>
vmw() Vector<ResultOrExceptionWrapper<Tr>> (Tv): Awaitable<Tr>
vmkw() Vector<ResultOrExceptionWrapper<Tr>> (Tk, Tv): Awaitable<Tr>
vfw() Vector<ResultOrExceptionWrapper<Tv>> (Tv): Awaitable<bool>
vfkw() Vector<ResultOrExceptionWrapper<Tv>> (Tk, Tv): Awaitable<bool>
m() Map<Tk, Tv>
mm() Map<Tk, Tr> (Tv): Awaitable<Tr>
mmk() Map<Tk, Tr> (Tk, Tv): Awaitable<Tr>
mf() Map<Tk, Tv> (Tv): Awaitable<bool>
mfk() Map<Tk, Tv> (Tk, Tv): Awaitable<bool>
mw() Map<Tk, ResultOrExceptionWrapper<T>>
mmw() Map<Tk, ResultOrExceptionWrapper<Tr>> (Tv): Awaitable<Tr>
mmkw() Map<Tk, ResultOrExceptionWrapper<Tr>> (Tk, Tv): Awaitable<Tr>
mfw() Map<Tk, ResultOrExceptionWrapper<Tv>> (Tv): Awaitable<bool>
mfkw() Map<Tk, ResultOrExceptionWrapper<Tv>> (Tk, Tv): Awaitable<bool>