Using this library, You can define custom events and trigger them on other events trigger.

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Using this Library you can trigger your custom events on some another elements trigger.
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 composer require hgh/yii-js-event-handler


Register Yii2 Asset


Instantiate jQuery Plugin

There are two way of instantiate this jQuery plugin.

Use default attributes

To use default options you have to add two predefined attribute to your html element. You put your custom JS events into data-events-to-run. Separate your custom events using space. Then using data-on specify when these custom events should be trigger. The values that you can put in data-on follows jQuery events. Visit Form events, Mouse events and keyboard events .

<div data-on="click" data-events-to-run="customEvent anotherCustomEvent">  

Define your custom attributes

In other hand, You can define your custom attributes. For this you have to instantiate eventHandler plugin.

$(document).ready(function () {
        onEventAttribute: "data-my-custom-on-attribute",
        toRunEventsAttribute: "data-my-custom-to-run-events-attribute"

Now, you can use these attributes like this:

<div data-my-custom-on-attribute="click" data-my-custom-to-run-events-attribute="customEvent anotherCustomEvent">  


<div data-on="click" data-events-to-run="customEvent anotherCustomEvent">  
 Click Me to Run Custom Event</div>  
$(document).ready(function () {  
  $(document).on("customEvent", function () {  
  alert("Custom event triggered");  
  $(document).on("anotherCustomEvent", function () {  
  alert("Another custom event triggered");