A token based Javascript parser/minifier designed for compressing inline scripts on the fly, written in PHP

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A Javascript compiler designed for minifying inline scripts, written in PHP.

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Designed to complement HTMLdoc, JSlite is a Javascript compiler and minifier, designed for minifying inline Javascript on the fly. It can also be used for compressing larger documents.

The software is implemented as a compiler to ensure reliable, and comes with a full test suite.


To minify Javascript:

use hexydec\jslite\jslite;

$doc = new jslite();

// load from a variable
if ($doc->load($javascript) {

	// minify the document

	// retrieve the javascript
	echo $doc->compile();

You can test out the minifier online at https://hexydec.com/apps/minify-js/, or run the supplied index.php file after installation.


The easiest way to get up and running is to use composer:

$ composer install hexydec/jslite

Test Suite

You can run the test suite like this:


$ vendor/bin/phpunit


> vendor\bin\phpunit


JSlite supports PHP version 8.0+.



If you find an issue with JSlite, please create an issue in the tracker.

If you wish to fix an issue yourself, please fork the code, fix the issue, then create a pull request, and I will evaluate your submission.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.