MongoDB Lite Pacakge

dev-master 2017-02-20 21:05 UTC


Mongo Lite PHP is mongodb lite package for php.


You can install library through Composer:

Add the following to the composer.json file...

    "require": {
        "hexcores/mongo-lite": "dev-master"


Install from terminal

$ composer require 'hexcores/mongo-lite:dev-master'


You need to configure Mongodb connection at first step.

$host = 'localhost';
$port = 27017;
$database = 'mongo_lite';

Hexcores\MongoLite\Connection::connect($host, $port, $database);

Now we can use Mongo Lite.

$connection = \Hexcores\MongoLite\Connection::instance($name);
$userCollection = new \Hexcores\MongoLite\Query($connection->collection('users'));
// or simply
$userCollection  = mongo_lite('users');

CRUD with MongoLite

Create new record

"created_at" and "updated_at" fields will be auto filled by mongo_lite

$user = ['name' => 'Nyan', 'email' => 'nyan@example.com'];

$userCollection  = mongo_lite('users');
// or simply
mongo_lite_insert('users', $user);

Update a record

mongo_lite will be auto update for updated_at time

$updateName = ['name' => 'Lynn'];
$query = ['email' => 'nyan@exmapl.com'];

$userCollection  = mongo_lite('users');
$userCollection->update($query, $updateName);
// or simply
mongo_lite_update('users', $query, $updateName);

Delete a record

$query = ['email' => 'nyan@exmapl.com'];

$userCollection  = mongo_lite('users');
// or simply
mongo_lite_delete('users', $query);

Find the record from database

Find all users from collection.

$users = mongo_lite('users')->all();

if ( count($users) > 0)
	foreach ( $users as $user)	
		echo $user->name . '<br>';

Find only one record from database.

// Find user by mongo id string
$user = mongo_lite('users')->first('5579227f8e973cdf148b4567');

// Find user by MongoId instance
$user = mongo_lite('users')->first(new MongoId('5579227f8e973cdf148b4567'));

// Find user by email
$user = mongo_lite('users')->first(['email' => 'nyan@example.com']);

echo $user->name;

Increment and decrement of MongoDB

// Increment value 1 to page view field where 'slug' is equal 'about'
$page->increment(['slug' => 'about'], 'views');

// Increment value 5 to page view field where 'slug' is equal 'about'
$page->increment(['slug' => 'about'], 'views', 5);

// Decrement value 1 to page view field where 'slug' is equal 'about'
$page->increment(['slug' => 'about'], 'views', -1);

// DEcrement value 5 to page view field where 'slug' is equal 'about'
$page->increment(['slug' => 'about'], 'views', -5);

Using in Laravel and LumenPHP

MongoLite already have a ServiceProvider for Laravel and LumenPHP Framework.

// Add ServiceProvider in 'config\app.php'