Adds a simple 1 to 5 day weather forecast to your SilverStripe website

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Adds a simple 1 to 5 day weather forecast to your SilverStripe website with data from the free version of OpenWeatherMap (https://openweathermap.org/). This free version gives only a 5 day/3 hours forecast, but this module turns the collected date into a 1 to 5 day full day forecast. At the moment it's just a simple forecast with a weather icon and the minimum and maximum temperature.


  • SilverStripe 4
  • cmfcmf/openweathermap-php-api


Using Semantic Versioning.


Install via Composer:

composer require "hestec/silverstripe-openweathermap": "1.*"


Signup for a (free) account at https://openweathermap.org/ and get your API key.

Add the OpenWeatherMap API key to your yaml file:

  ApiKey: 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'

do a dev/build and flush.


The forecast data of the free version of OpenWeatherMap (maximum 5 days) will be stored in the table OpenWeatherMapData and is updated just once in 3 hours when someone visits the website. This method reduces the number of api calls and will show the weather even if the OpenWeatherMap service is not available for a while.


Include OpenWeatherMap in your Page:

<% include OpenWeatherMap %>

This gives a 5 day weather forecast of the city Rio de Janeiro. I guess you want the forecast(s) of other cities. For that copy the template \silverstripe-openweathermap\templates\Includes\OpenWeatherMap.ss to your templates\Includes folder in your theme and changes the parameters of the loop call:

<% loop WeatherForecast(5, 3451190) %>

Where the number is the days of forecasts (maximum 5) en the code is the city code used on OpenWeathetMap. Get the code of your city on https://openweathermap.org/city: search the name of the city and find the code in the url.

Or simply put this loop in your page(s):

<% loop WeatherForecast(5, 3451190) %>
       <p>$CityName, $CityCountry $Date:<br>
           Minimum temperatuur: $TemperatureMin<br>
           Maximum temperatuur: $TemperatureMax<br>
           <img src="$IconUrl">
   <% end_loop %>

If you want to use your own icons instead of the standard OpenWeatherMap icons, use just $Icon and the path to your icons. For example:

<% loop WeatherForecast(5, 3451190) %>
       <p>$CityName, $CityCountry $Date:<br>
           Minimum temperatuur: $TemperatureMin<br>
           Maximum temperatuur: $TemperatureMax<br>
           <img src="/themes/simple/img/weather/$Icon\.png">
   <% end_loop %>

Find a list of the necessary icons here: https://openweathermap.org/weather-conditions


No known issues.


  • Make an elemental extension.
  • Tests.
  • More forecast types (3 hours forecast, more details).