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SilverStripe mobile detection

1.0.2 2017-02-08 12:23 UTC

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Last update: 2021-05-21 22:22:24 UTC



For some websites it's desirable to make it adaptive instead of responsive. This module detects if the users device is a mobile phone or not. If it ís a mobile phone the user will be redirected to the separate mobile theme. You can choose: redirected the mobile user to a separate (sub)domain with the mobile theme or just display the mobile theme at the same main domain.

Based on the SilverStripe Mobile module (https://github.com/silverstripe/silverstripe-mobile). But with this Adjustments:

  • Mobile detection is handled by the PHP class Mobile Detect (http://mobiledetect.net/). This class is regularly updated with the newest mobile devices.
  • This module sees only mobile phones as mobile device, tablets are not treated as mobile device because in most situations the desktop version is displayed well on tablets.


Using Semantic Versioning.


  • SilverStripe > 3.1, tested untill 3.3.1.


composer require hestec/silverstripe-mobiledetect 1.*


In the CMS, browse to the "Settings" tab on the left navigation bar to access the SiteConfig settings.