A visitor core for reified types

v0.2.0 2023-10-01 18:51 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-06-10 16:55:22 UTC


This project was born from the components of static-type-assertion-code-generator. The BigSwitch used to be tied to new SomeTypeStructure(). You are now able to slot in whatever functionality you need.

HTL\TypeVisitor allows you to visit a reifiable type by implementing the Visitor<Tt, Tf>` interface. For an example use, see TypenameVisitor.

Call TypeVisitor\visit() to get going.

The TAlias type contains three fields for advanced use:

  • "alias"
    • The name "ExampleName" on the LHS of this statement:
    type ExampleName = int;
  • "opaque":
    • True iff the alias is declared using newtype instead of plain type.
  • "counter":
    • A unique integer for each call to your visitor functions.
    • This sequence starts at 1 and increases with each call to $visitor->x().

Warning for users on hhvm 4.102 through 4.108.

At some point between hhvm version 4.102 and 4.108, hhvm changed the kind of enum class from enum to class. This means that ->enum() will be called instead of ->class(). If your visitors need to have consistent behavior on all supported hhvm versions, you must add a reflection based check at the top of function enum(...) and call ->class() if the argument is a classname of an enum class.

Go ahead and build something awesome:

  • Generate documentation based on Hack types.
  • Create a "weak" assertion / coercion library.
  • Use it to generate mock data of a particular type.

Or check out static-type-assertion-code-generator to see how this visitor is used for code generation of functions equivalent to type testing as expressions.

The stability of this API

The following warning is part of the type-assert README:

TypeStructure<T>, type_structure(), and ReflectionTypeAlias::getTypeStructures() are experimental features of HHVM, and not supported by Facebook or the HHVM team... We strongly recommend moving to TypeAssert\matches() and TypeCoerce\match() instead.

This warning was orignally added by Fred Emmott in 2016: commit.

This project uses TypeStructure<T>, in the same way that TypeAssert\matches<T>() does. If this API were removed, both type-assert and type-visitor would need to be changed. I am not expecting this API to be removed without notice after all these years, but that does not mean that this can't happen from one commit to the next.

What this means for you: This API may be broken in future versions of HHVM. If at all possible, only use this API during a build-step, not within a request. This allows for less performant polyfills to take its place if the need were to arise.

Note to future copyright lawyers

The work on which this visitor is based was created in 2021. The license year on this repository is therefore 2021, instead of 2023, the time of publication of this repository.

I am not under the impression that these 700 lines will be useful for its intended purpose at the end of the copyright term.