HTML elements for sgml-stream in the HTL\HTMLStream namespace.

v1.0.0 2023-07-30 16:48 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-02-10 16:24:02 UTC


HTML elements for sgml-stream in the HTL\HTMLStream namespace

This repository only contains files written using codegen.

If you want to contribute and your changes require edits to files which contain This file is generated. Do not modify it manually!, contribute to sgml-stream-codegen instead. We welcome changes which are required to keep up to date with the html-spec with open arms. Typo fixes and improved doc blocks are also very welcome. You should be able to make these changes easily by editing the definition files (json files). Keep in mind that your changes will apply to both the namespaced and non-namespaced version of this library at once. We can bend the use clauses to work for either version. If you have a change which only applies to the HTMLStream namespace version, we'd love to understand your use case better first.

If your xhp code is written in the root namespace (as xhp-lib@v3 and below required), you might be interested in html tags defined in the root namespace. This removes the use type burden. You can find these tags in html-stream-non-namespaced.