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v0.10.1 2014-12-15 14:33 UTC


So Kernel is still unstable and as much as I would like to tag a v1, I'm going to wait--not sure how long. However, I've made some I'm-not-going-to-code-that decisions that deserve an explanation.

For starters, the original idea is to have a handful of (decoupled) components that when combined, would power a web site. In development, I looked over Aura and a few other frameworks to see how they did it. In trying to write code that was a poor man's clone of any one system I wrestled with how I wanted Kernel to function.

A web app needs a router, dispatcher, controller, and a few other things. The trick is, decoupling these components makes them just shy of useful without some elbow grease. I didn't want to be so generic that these pieces would require more boiler plate. So I went round and round over my controller and landed on "I'm not going to code one" ...

Basically, your front controller needs to route the request and dispatch it. Adding a controller might be useful and reduce the boilerplate but means that I'll have to be more opinionated than I want to be. So I chose to use an interface to define what a dispatchable class should look like, and then asked my dispatcher to simply wrap a class (matching the interface) in a closure. It's probably not for everyone because it still requires a bit of boilerplate but in the end, it's simpler and in my opinion, more straightforward.

I've left these two pieces decoupled against my better judgment. First, if you're using Router, you're probably using Distacher. Also, Dispatcher accepts a $di in the constructor. I think it'd be wise to typehint that to Containers\DiInterface. I also think it'd be wise to typehint the constructor of DispatchableInterface. But in order to play in the sandbox with the cool kids, I've left them without opinions.

For historical purposes I've left the old Request and Controller work in a branch unto themselves.

The example/ dir has some samples of the boilerplate stuff with a bit more direction in the comments on how I would structure a web app--be it good or otherwise.

Peruse the tests or, if present, the examples directory to see usage.

See packagist for version/installation info.

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