Elegant notifications to laravel with Toastr or PNotify

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Elegant notifications to laravel with Toastr or PNotify

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  1. Either run composer require helmesvs/laravel-notify or add "helmesvs/laravel-notify" to the require key in composer.json and run composer install.
  2. Add Helmesvs\Notify\NotifyServiceProvider::class, to the providers key in config/app.php.
  3. Add 'Notify' => Helmesvs\Notify\Facades\Notify::class, to the aliases key in config/app.php.
  4. Run php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Helmesvs\Notify\NotifyServiceProvider" --tag="notify" to publish the config file.
  5. Include the output {!! Notify::render() !!} in your master view template.
  6. Optional: Modify the configuration file located in config/notify.php.


Call one of these methods in your controllers to insert a notification:

  • Notify::warning($message, $title = null, $options = []) - add a warning notification
  • Notify::error($message, $title = null, $options = []) - add an error notification
  • Notify::info($message, $title = null, $options = []) - add an info notification
  • Notify::success($message, $title = null, $options = []) - add a success notification
  • Notify::add($type: warning|error|info|success, $message, $title = null, $options = []) - add a notification
  • Notify::clear() - clear all current notification


Open config/notify.php to adjust package configuration. If this file doesn't exist, run php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Helmesvs\Notify\NotifyServiceProvider" --tag="notify" to create the default configuration file.

General Options

'options' => [
        'lib' => 'toastr',
        'style' => 'custom'

Set 'lib' as toastr to use toastr.js or pnotify to use pnotify.js.

Set 'style' to 'custom' to use custom settings, or as 'default' to default library settings.

The style of notifications can be customized in public/vendor/Notify/style.css.

Options Toastr

'ToastrOptions' => [
        "closeButton" => false,
        "closeHtml" => '',
        "newestOnTop" => true,
        "progressBar" => false,

Options PNotify

'PNotifyOptions' => [
        'title_escape' => false,
        'text_escape' => false,
        'styling' => 'brighttheme',
        'addclass' => '', 

For a list of available options, see toastr.js' documentation and pnotify.js' documentation.