This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the heimrichhannot/contao-youtube-bundle package instead.

Youtube Content Element, with responsive support, preview image, play button and many more.

1.5.1 2019-10-29 08:56 UTC


YouTube is a contao module to provide responsive youtube videos with preview images and better privacy control. It provides support for content elements and news items.

Technical instruction

Youtube videos can be added to news templates with ease. Just add the following code (for example: news_full.html5):

<?php if ($this->addYouTube): ?>
	<?= $this->youtubeVideo; ?>
<?php endif; ?>

To use preview images from youtube, you have to generate an API key (https://developers.google.com/youtube/v3/getting-started) and place it in the contao settings.


  • Responsive youtube videos (requires jQuery)
  • Preview image for youtube videos
    • If no custom image is given, the preview image will be loaded from youtube and saved under 'files/media/youtube/'
  • Privacy mode (requires jQuery)
    • In privacy mode the video is displayed, after the user accepted a privacy advice within a modal prompt (requires bootstrap 3 modal window support)
    • The user can mark his selection as permanent with a checkbox (state will be saved in a cookie)

alt privacy modal

Content elements

Name Description
ContentYoutube The default core youtube content element with additional features.



Name Description
youtube_template Select a youtube template within your news module.
autoplay Start the video on page view, only for reader modules.

tl_page:[root pages only]

Name Description
youtube_template Select a youtube template within your root page.
youtubePrivacy Enable youtube privacy mode for all elements on pages within this root page.
youtubePrivacyTemplate Select a youtube privacy template within your root page.


Name Arguments Description
parseArticles $objTemplate, $arrItem, $objModule Add youtube to news templates.